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We're transforming the treatment landscape for children with cancer and blood disorders across the country and around the world.

Funding that saves lives

Every year more than 260,000 children globally are diagnosed with cancer. Many of these cancers affect only children, and common adult cancers usually affect children very differently. Yet the vast majority of financing for research targets adult cancers, leaving childhood cancer research grossly underfunded.

Hope & Heroes raises essential funds that make advanced treatments and cutting-edge research a reality – benefitting not just the children in our care, but patients worldwide. Our support puts Columbia’s scientists and physicians at the forefront of medical research in pediatric cancer and blood disorders, allowing us to do our very best for today’s patients while making new breakthroughs possible for the patients of tomorrow.

The future of cancer treatment—right here in New York City

With support from Hope & Heroes, Columbia University Medical Center’s world-class research teams are leaders in the development of new treatment approaches, diagnostic methods, and cancer prevention techniques for childhood cancer and blood disorders.

Here are a few examples of the projects our researchers are pursuing:

  • Led by Division Director, Andrew Kung, MD, PhD, our Precision in Pediatrics research program uses whole-genome analysis to customize treatment for each patient, allowing clinicians to identify the most effective and least invasive options.
  • At the Brain and Nervous System Tumor Laboratory, Dr. Anna Lasorella and Dr. Antonio Iavarone are exploring cell growth and differentiation for brain and nervous system tumors.
  • Drs. Darrell Yamashiro of Pediatric Oncology and Angela Kadenhe-Chiweshe of Pediatric Surgery are collaborating through the Tay-banz Solid Tumor Laboratory, exploring the biology of pediatric solid tumors through investigations of tumor blood vessel growth.
  • Dr. Julia Glade Bender leads the PCF Developmental Therapeutics Program, one of only 21 programs of its type in the country—and the only one in the tri-state area—that can provide the newest drugs for hard to treat diseases.
  • In the WOLF Foundation Leukemia/Lymphoma Laboratory, Adolfo Ferrando, MD, PhD is searching for a deeper understanding of the molecular mechanisms that promote and sustain the growth and survival of leukemic cells.
  • At the Center for Survival Wellness, Dr. Jennifer Levine is leading projects related to survival and long-term effects of cancer treatment like fertility and risk of heart disease.


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