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Meet Jayden’s Heroes At Columbia

BY Jayden S.
Jayden - Heroes

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My name is Jayden and I’m a SURVIVOR of sickle cell disease. I was treated at Columbia University Medical Center – the #1 program for pediatric cancer and blood disorders in the New York region. Thanks to Hope & Heroes every sick child has access to the same amazing care I received. I want you to meet some of my HEROES at Columbia who put me on the road to recovery after years of illness. When I tell you they are like family to me I really mean it.


Jayden’s Heroes:

Monica Bhatia - Heroes  

Dr. Monica Bhatia, the Director of the Pediatric Stem Cell Transplant Program at Columbia, gave me a life-saving transplant so she is definitely my HERO! Dr. Bhatia is one of the best transplant physicians in New York and does research on patients with sickle cell disease. Her goal is to be able to provide bone marrow transplants to all patients with sickle cell disease and at the same time decrease transplant side effects.

She treats kids with blood disorders because she believes that no child should suffer from a curable disease and works at Columbia because she knows she can give all her patients the very best care no matter what.

Jennifer Levine - Heroes  

Dr. Jennifer Levine is the Director of the Survivor Wellness Program at Columbia. While I’m doing well after my transplant, there is still a lot that we need to be aware of. Dr. Levine helped us create a wellness plan to keep me healthy as I continue to grow.

Dr. Levine is a pioneer in this field with many other hospitals following her lead. Kids like me are lucky to have a HERO like her helping us lead full and healthy lives after treatment.

Stephen Sands - Heroes  

Dr. Stephen Sands is the Director of the Valerie Fund for Psychosocial and Palliative Care. Treatment for blood disorders and cancer is really hard. Dr. Sands provided counseling and support for my entire family while I was in treatment.

After my transplant, this HERO helped us create an educational plan so that I could continue to be successful in school.

Without Hope & Heroes a lot of these services wouldn’t be possible. 100% of the support from Hope & Heroes goes to treating children’s cancer and blood disorders at Columbia, helping families just like mine right here in New York. Thanks to them, kids like me get the best treatment and the best chance for a full life, regardless of our family’s ability to pay. That’s why when my family wanted to give back, we started fundraising for Hope & Heroes.

Now we need YOU to join us and support Hope & Heroes. Kids like me are counting on it so please give generously!

Thank you and happy holidays!

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