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My Eight Year Old Taught Me to Love Fundraising

BY Patty Cavallo

Since 2010, Team Sienna has loudly and proudly raised over $100,000 for the Hope & Heroes Walk. People may see that number and assume we’ve gotten there through large donations, but it’s exactly the opposite. We’ve learned that lots of little things can go a long way.

I’ve been actively fundraising for pediatric cancer since 2006 when my oldest daughter, Sienna, was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma. Sienna loved to fundraise for Hope & Heroes and believed that with proper funding the doctors could focus on research and better chemotherapies. Fundraising quickly became a family event in our home while Sienna was on treatment – her “stoop sales” on the front steps of our Brooklyn home and Sunday lemonade stands became famous. All of these efforts lead to great success and were fun, and treasured, family activities

Co-Chair of the Hope & Heroes Walk, Patty Cavallo and her husband, Joe Cavallo

Co-Chair of the Hope & Heroes Walk, Patty Cavallo and her husband, Joe Cavallo

When Sienna died, she left us with a passion to raise money for childhood cancer organizations and spread awareness that children get cancer too. Following Sienna’s example, I now LOVE fundraising and helping others raise money. And, like Sienna, I have learned that small efforts can make a BIG impact. One year, Janice (Team Sienna Captain) organized a kickboxing event by simply going to her kickboxing gym and asking them to do a fundraiser class.

Our friend, Kristen, has continued the stoop sale tradition. We’ve gotten our schools involved through bake sales, bracelet sales, setting up information tables, and even selling ice cream after the dismissal bell rings. None are huge events but all lead to donations and more awareness. This weekend our team is hosting a Family Bingo Night- if you are in Brooklyn come on by! We also believe in the power of social media – we make sure to post and share and encourage people to join or support our team.

The big thing I have learned over the years is that people really want to help. Once people see what you are doing they want to join in on the fun. Does a dollar make a difference? Absolutely! Team Sienna has been so successful as a top team because we all believe that. Whether we are doing individual events or working as a group, we know that our efforts will result in enjoying our success on Walk day.


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