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The Healthiest Day of the Week

BY Kadesha Washington

Stress is commonplace among healthcare professionals. However, when left unmanaged, that stress becomes a chronic condition that can lead to burnout. Research indicates that up to 50% of medical professionals experience burnout throughout their careers.

I’m A Survivor!

BY Kadesha Washington

Carol DeCoene was diagnosed with Stage IV Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at the age of 17 and has been in remission since 2010. In this blog post, she reflects on her journey as a childhood cancer patient and talks about her future as a survivor.

Profiles of Courage: Prakash Satwani, MD

BY Kadesha Washington

When the pandemic hit the NYC region, our doctors, nurses, and care providers were on the frontlines treating patients directly and aiding those affected by the virus. But for Prakash Satwani, MD, a pediatric bone marrow transplant physician, his experience with the virus was much more personal.

Profiles of Courage: Robyn Gartrell, MD

BY Kadesha Washington

Robyn Gartrell, MD, a pediatric oncologist and immuno-oncology researcher, volunteered at #Columbia’s adult intensive care unit during the height of COVID-19. With her redeployment over and her return to pediatrics, Dr. Gartrell reflected on this period with great insight.

Profiles of Courage: Dominder Kaur, MD

BY Kadesha Washington

Dominder Kaur, MD, is a pediatric hematologist at Columbia University Irving Medical Center. During the pandemic, she worked at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital’s adult intensive care unit caring for COVID-19 patients, and it was a very humbling experience.

Profiles of Courage: Monica Bhatia, MD

BY Kadesha Washington

Monica Bhatia, MD, is an attending pediatric hematology-oncology physician at Columbia, where she treats children with blood disorders in both the inpatient and outpatient units. At the height of the pandemic, she admitted and treated one of the first hematology/oncology patients with COVID-19.

Profiles of Courage: Caitlin Constantino

BY Kadesha Washington

Caitlin Constantino is the Division’s educational liaison, helping childhood cancer patients re-enter school and working with families and schools to monitor academic and social progress. When schools in the metro NY region transitioned to online classroom learning amid COVID-19, Caitlin helped patient families adapt to those new changes.

Profiles of Courage: Dara Steinberg, PhD

BY Kadesha Washington

Dara Steinberg is a licensed clinical psychologist and psychosocial program director at Columbia University Irving Medical Center. During the COVID crisis, she is utilizing telehealth to provide clinical services to children with cancer and blood disorders and their families. Part of her work includes helping them cope with the “new normal” brought on by the pandemic.

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