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Owen’s Art Experience

BY Jeremy Shatan

The Alfano Family Arts In Medicine Program, which provides enriching art projects twice a week at the clinic, also has a wonderful partnership with The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Recently, this gave one of our patients the opportunity have an amazing art experience with his family. Here are pictures and notes from a very special Saturday.

The day started with a stop at The Met’s beloved Roman fountain, where New Yorkers have tossed coins for decades. It doesn’t take an art historian to imagine what Owen’s family wished for!

Owen's Art Experience - at the Wish Fountain

During their tour of The Met, Owen and his family not only had a chance to look at art from across the centuries, but they were also able to touch a few things, including a statue of Sakhmet, the Egyptian goddess of war and protection, and the Sarcophagus of Wereshnefer, which is almost 2,400 years old! 

Owen's Art Experience with Sakhmet

Owen gets a lift to get up close and personal with Sakhmet.

The trip was chaperoned by Nitza Danieli, our Artist in Residence. After the trip she told us: “The Met allowed me to pull out items from the vault: a 16th century visor, gauntlet and chainmail…we had a great time meeting, greeting, and dressing up in the studio! Owen and the kids loved the weapons and armor.”

Owen's Art Experience - Arms and armor and kids

Owen’s cousins and siblings joined in the fun, seeing the world with a knight’s eye view.

Moving closer to our times, the family stopped at one of the most famous American paintings in the world. Our doctors and researchers are pioneers in their own right and share President Washington’s desire to make the world a better place. 

Owen's Art Experience - his family and Washington

Everyone knows the painting of Washington crossing the Delaware – but do they know how huge it is?

Thanks to a generous donor, Hope & Heroes was able to provide a gift card for lunch and a shopping spree in The Met’s gift shop. Owen was tired but very, very happy when it was time to go.

Owen's Art Experience - tired but happy

Owen’s family has a team in the 7th Annual Hope & Heroes Walk. Visit their Team Page to make a donation in his honor!

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