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Supporting Patients and Families During COVID-19

BY Kadesha Washington

For our patient families, we know this is a very challenging time. Worrying about the health of a sick child, while keeping the rest of your family safe, can intensify an already stressful situation. As teleworking, distance learning, social distancing, and, in some cases, suspended employment temporarily become the “new normal,” the usual routines have suddenly been upended, especially for school-aged children.

School closures have been instituted throughout much of the tri-state area. NY Governor Andrew M. Cuomo ordered all schools closed as of Wednesday, March 18, for two weeks. In New Jersey, Governor Phil Murphy closed all schools — public, private and parochial — statewide for at least two weeks as of Wednesday, March 18.
All NYC public schools are closed through April 20, 2020.  Students will begin online instruction on March 23, and school districts are working to provide loaner tablets and computers for families that do not have access. However, if you do not receive the appropriate technology from your school district and your child is unable to participate in online learning, contact our Educational Liaison, Caitlin Constantino, for assistance at or call 212-305-2354.
Hope & Heroes urges patient families to utilize resources available through state and local agencies, as well as the resources below (which will be updated as needed). Remember, we are here to help you navigate and stay safe! Reach out to us anytime at or call 212.305.1420.

UPDATED MARCH 24, 2020 3:30 PM (EST)

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