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Profiles of Courage: Dara Steinberg, PhD

BY Kadesha Washington

Dara Steinberg is a licensed clinical psychologist and psychosocial program director at Columbia University Irving Medical Center. During the COVID crisis, she is utilizing telehealth to provide clinical services to children with cancer and blood disorders and their families. Part of her work includes helping them cope with the “new normal” brought on by the pandemic.

Profiles of Courage: Kristin Lieb, MD

BY Kadesha Washington

Kristin Lieb, MD is a pediatric hematology & oncology fellow. She primarily works with child and adolescent patients in Columbia’s Division of Oncology, Hematology and Stem Cell Transplantation. However, when the opportunity to treat adult COVID-19 patients emerged she knew she wanted to help.

Profiles of Courage: Cindy Neunert, MD

BY Kadesha Washington

Cindy Neunert, MD is a pediatric hematologist at Columbia University Irving Medical Center. Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, she continues to see and treat her young patients. However, she is also using her expertise to help those directly affected by the coronavirus.