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The Extra Mile

BY Jeremy Shatan
The Extra Mile

Even the FedEx courier got into the spirit of Deep River’s generous donation!

The extra mile is the road always taken by our doctors, nurses, and staff. There is  very little they won’t do to make our patients’ lives easier. Take Dr. Jennifer Levine, one of our oncologists and the Director of the Center for Survivor Wellness. In talking to one of her patient families, she learned that their son would really only eat one food while on chemotherapy: Deep River Organic Popcorn with Sea Salt. Problem was, the local gourmet store was out of stock and showed no signs that they were going to reorder that flavor. 

So Dr. Levine thought, “No problem. I’ll order Ahmed some popcorn.” She was completely willing to spend her own money to help this family, but balked at the shipping, which was both expensive and not very fast. Taking a few more steps down the extra mile, she picked up the phone and called Deep River, She told them the whole story, and asked them if there was anything they could do.

Was there ever! The end result of Dr. Levine’s journey down the extra mile is seen in the picture above. Deep River donated a wealth of snacks and Ahmed left the clinic with several cases of Organic Popcorn. Even our nutritionist approved, although she would prefer Ahmed ate something with a few more calories. The best part of it for all of us was seeing Ahmed smile – that’s the kind of reward you get for going the extra mile.

If you or someone in your family was treated here, tell us your own story of the extra mile in the comments below. And if you want to recognize someone here who did something special, make a donation in their honor.

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Thank you Dr. Levine . I akways say you are an angel that God send to people in time of desperation . Thank you for everything you did for my baby . I know he is always smiling at you from heaven

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