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BY Jeremy Shatan

Welcome to the Hope & Heroes blog – a feature of our new website. Hope & Heroes is at center of a wide range of activity. Doctors stop in to our office to discuss programs. Social workers call, seeking help for families in need. Donors are thanked for their commitment by phone, email and letters. Major events are planned, and help is offered to people running events for us. And every so often a patient comes in, looking for mom, dad or just a friendly face. We always have time for them!

Every week we will post new articles here, giving a 360view of all that goes on in and around the Hope & Heroes office. Subjects will include:

  • Patient and family stories
  • Updates from Division leadership
  • Board and volunteer profiles
  • Research updates
  • Fundraising tips
  • Event background and information
  • Advocacy news

Please take time to read, comment and share what you find here. And if you feel you have something to contribute, please do let us know at

 We hope you enjoy exploring the new site! Before you leave, make sure you sign up for updates. That way you’ll know right away when we publish something new here.

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