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What Motivates Me?

BY Kathryn Leiby
Katie Leiby (center) with her husband and her mother.

Katie Leiby (center) with her husband and her mother.

When thinking about the question “What motivates me?” for the Hope & Heroes Walk the obvious answer would be my job. As Events & Outreach Manager at Hope & Heroes, I’m the person behind all of our major events and most of our community events.  But, to me, the Walk is so much more than just a part of my job. Over the last four years I have gotten to know so many of our patients, families, doctors and nurses, and I am continuously inspired by their spirit and endurance and am honored to be welcomed into their lives and experiences.

I started at Hope & Heroes in April of 2011, about a month and half before the Walk. Back then we had a goal of 500 people and raising $200,000. I wasn’t sure what Walk day would be like, but convinced some friends and family to join me as volunteers. It ended up being a beautiful sunny day in May filled with people celebrating loved ones and cheering friends and strangers. I left feeling energized, inspired and proud, and my friends and family felt the same way.

Four years later, the Hope & Heroes Walk has grown to over 1,500 participants and my family and friends are still among them.  I am proud to lead our team in putting together an event that has become more than just a day on the calendar to so many people, including myself. I get to cheer on and laugh with so many people I have gotten to know through my work, and enjoy watching my friends and family become even more a part of my Hope & Heroes community.  So whether you are involved as a walker, team captain, or volunteer, I look forward to seeing you on May 17th!

What motivates you? Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook page. Information about the Walk is here.

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First and foremost, Jacob and Jeremy motivate me! So do the children and families affected by childhood cancer. It’s my way of saying thank you to the doctors and nurses working so hard to care for the kids. It’s also a fun, beautiful day. And last but not least YOU motivate me Katie, with your encouragement and outreach! That’s a lot of motivation!

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