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Why We Walk: Team Uma Buma!

BY Jeremy Shatan
That's Uma!

That’s Uma!

Sometime last year, amazing baked goods began appearing in the outpatient clinic. Gourmet doughnuts, cookies from Levain – the most delicious stuff imaginable – and it was there for patients, families and staff to enjoy. We asked around to find out who was making  this happen. Was it the bakeries themselves? Was it a local foundation? One of the doctors? No – it was the Bhalla family. In the midst of their daughter Uma’s treatment, they found a way to take care of everybody in the clinic. Then, in November, we collaborated with the Bhallas to host Pie Day for Thanksgiving, which featured delectable holiday desserts. They were all too happy to order and deliver the pies for everyone! This is just another example of the special people who are part of the Hope & Heroes family.

Now the Bhallas are  joining the Hope & Heroes Walk for the first time and will be bringing Team Uma Buma to the event on May 17th. Here’s what Uma’s mom, Jennie, had to say about participating:

This year will be our first time participating in the Hope & Heroes Walk!  Our daughter, Uma, was diagnosed with Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis in January 2014 when she was 3 months old.  By the time she was 7 months old, she had begun her first round of chemotherapy.  Thankfully, Uma will beat the crap out of this disease! Patients with LCH and their families need long-term support, which is provided (exceptionally, I might add) by the Pediatric Oncology Team [at Columbia University Medical Center]. We are excited to be participating in the Hope & Heroes Walk and to be giving to an organization that does so much for children and their families in time of need!

If you want to see another adorable picture of Uma, take a look at their Team Page. Interested in walking, or forming your own team? Join us!

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